This Cookie Table provides you with information about the cookies and other similar technologies LHK Media and/or its partners may use, their purpose and the retention period associated with such cookie. Where a third party partner drops a cookie, they determine the purpose for which that cookie is dropped and the relevant retention period.

We may place cookies or similar files such as pixel tags and web beacons on the devices you use to engage with LHK Media for security purposes, to facilitate site navigation and to personalize your experience when you engage with LHK Media as a Site Vistior, a User or a Business Partner. Cookies allow us to collect technical and navigational information, such as browser type, time spent by you engaging with LHK Media and pages visited. Please read our Privacy Policy to further understand how we use data collected by these cookies and see below for a description of the different categories:

User: you are a User when you visit a website or application of one of LHK Media’s partners (website or application publisher) where the LHK Media widget is implemented. For example, if you visit or, the LHK Media widget is implemented on those websites. You know you are engaging with our widget when it is labelled with a text referencing LHK Media (e.g., “Smartfeed” or “Recommended by LHK Media”, with the LHK Media logo near recommendations and advertisements). If you click on the hyperlinked reference to LHK Media you will see a detailed information notice that enables you to navigate to LHK Media’s Interest Profile, which provides information on the interest categories we think you might be interested in, which websites you have visited where LHK Media technology is installed and which device and browser is used, and the ability to opt out (or Do Not Sell) or withdraw your consent from interest based advertisements.

Site Visitor: you are a Site Visitor when you visit and interact with any of our websites, namely

Business Partners: you are a Business Partner when you register (or email with LHK Media) on behalf of the company you work for to use the LHK Media Amplify or LHK Media Engage services.

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